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​Motors and reducers

​In our range we have three-phase, single-phase motors, with electromagnetic brake, in 2 powers and 2 speeds or with servo ventilation. In this category you will also find a professional range of speed reducers for electric motors: worm reducers, planetary reducers, coaxial reducers, pendulum reducers, mechanical gearboxes.

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Electric motors

​Asynchronous motors are most often used in industrial drives due to the simplicity of construction and high reliability in operation. From industrial equipment to household use, asynchronous motors are fundamental in converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. They work at voltages of 230/400V or 400/690V

Electric motors - SELF TRUST Romania
Electric motors - SELF TRUST Romania

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​When a piece of equipment requires a slow input speed and high torque, an electric motor coupled to an industrial gear reducer is typically used to provide the desired speed and torque. The gear reducer multiplies the output torque from the motor and reduces the motor output speed by the same ratio. One of the most popular types of gearboxes is based on worm gears.

Reductoare melcate - SELF TRUST Romania

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