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Sistem de conveioare impachetare si cantarire - Linie impachetare colete - SELF TRUST Roma

Logistics systems for

Optimize product handling and shipping processes


SELF TRUST, the trusted supplier of specialized conveyor systems for the ECommerce industry. With our advanced product handling and shipping solutions, you can efficiently optimize your logistics operations.

The ECommerce industry is constantly growing, and our mission is to provide you with the solutions you need to stay competitive.

We work closely with our customers to thoroughly understand their requirements and develop effective solutions designed to increase the efficiency of product handling and shipping. Regardless of the size and complexity of your eCommerce business, we provide you with the most suitable conveyor systems that guarantee quality and reduce delivery times.

​Parcel packing and sorting lines

Complete systems

Details of the parcel packing and sorting line (1000 parcels/hour):

- 10 packing points;

- 10 spiral conveyors;

- 2 flow weight check points (up to 1000 weighings/hour);

- WMS connection in real time;

- A label application point;

- 6 shipping ramps;

- 8 entertainment points in three directions;

- An error ramp;

- Package weight (3-30 kg);

Total number of equipment: 53

Total equipment length: over 200 meters

Sistem de conveioare - sortare colete ecommerce - Conveioare sortare role - SELF TRUST

​HPD sorting systems

HPD – High Performance Divert

sorting in 3 directions at 30 degrees

HPD - sistem sortare in 3 directii - Rampe gravitationale colete -  SELF TRUST Romania

Weighing systems

Conveyor Belt Scale - Product weighing - Dynamic

Infeed Conveyor si camera scanare coduri - Conveior cantarire produs - SELF TRUST

​Conveyors with Pop-up system - translation

​Special belts with HACCP approval

Conveior sistem Pop-up translatie - Conveior cu cantarire produs - Cantar Dynamic

Gravitational spirals

​Spiral conveyors with gravity rollers

Spirale gravitationale - singularizare - Conveior tip spirala cu role - SELF TRUST


​If you are looking for the perfect solutions for product distribution in your E-Commerce business, SELF TRUST can fully meet your requirements. With a deep understanding of specific intralogistics processes, we specialize in providing conveyor systems and competitive solutions that will help you improve delivery performance and meet market demands.

From custom conveyor systems and automated sorting solutions to efficient handling technologies, we focus on optimizing workflow and reducing operational costs. We work closely with our clients to thoroughly understand their specific needs and develop solutions tailored to their E-Commerce business.

We focus on quality and innovation. Our products are built using durable and strong materials, ensuring long-term reliable operation. In addition, we offer consulting services and technical support to help you use our equipment efficiently and optimally.


To benefit from our eCommerce pipeline systems and improve the visibility and success of your business, contact us.

SELF TRUST is the trusted partner that will offer you personalized and high-performance logistics solutions. Optimize your product handling and shipping processes with our professional conveyor systems.

​The solutions are customized according to the specifications of our customers.
For other details or special constructions we are here to help!
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