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Sistem de conveioare cu rol - Logistica - SELF TRUST Romania

Roller conveyors

We produce a wide range of roller conveyors, driven or gravity, to suit individual customer requirements.


The modular design allows for cost-effective unit integration to create highly efficient and adaptable handling systems.


The roller conveyors are installed in a straight or curved line and can be equipped with weighing devices, stops, alignment devices, sensors, side guides and more.


Roller conveyors are flexible, cost-effective, have high quality and allow to expand the system. High efficiency, robust construction and low maintenance can meet all the requirements of your project.


Robust and durable roller conveyors, available in standard or custom configurations, suitable for carrying light and heavy loads, as well as for sorting and palletising products.


Roller conveyors are the most common types of conveyors and are mainly used to move heavy or bulky objects from one point to another. These conveyors are used in various industries, from logistics warehouses to automobile manufacturing.


Conveyors are customized according to the specifications of our customers.
For other details or special constructions we are here to help you!

Driven conveyors are efficient solutions for the transport and handling of materials in modern industry. They are designed to ensure a continuous and automated flow of products or raw materials from one point to another in the production process. Driven conveyors are characterized by the motorization of the running system, which gives them strong functionality and a capacity to handle larger loads.

Benefits and features:

Maximum efficiency: Driven conveyors ensure fast and constant operation, significantly reducing the time and effort required to transport materials manually.

Flexibility and versatility: They can be customized to suit the specific needs of each customer, including speed regulation, height adjustment and adaptation to different types of loads.

Reliability and durability: Driven conveyors are constructed of high-quality materials, ensuring increased resistance to wear and a long service life.

Enhanced safety: Integrated control systems and enhanced safety features minimize the risk of accidents and incidents in the work environment.

Easy integration: Driven conveyors can be integrated with other equipment and automated systems, enabling efficient synchronization of the production flow.

Industrial applications:

Driven conveyors are used in a wide range of industries, including:

Industrial production and assembly

Food and beverage industry

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

Warehousing and logistics

Mining and materials processing industry

Other details

Other advantages: flexibility, allow to expand the system, profitability, high quality, robust construction, easy maintenance , wide range of available accessories.


The roller bed is the ideal solution for medium and heavy-duty applications (transport high-mass products) and can be trained or untrained (gravitational, with a very low or horizontal angle of inclination, situation in which the product will be pushed by an operator.


This solution is used especially where it is desired to achieve an accumulation, free rollers facilitating this operation. To be able to use this type of conveyor it is necessary that the surface of the product coming into contact with the rollers is rigid and that at any time of transport the product is supported by at least three of the reels.


Self Trust Romania offers flexible and future-oriented solutions, from simple conveyors to extremely complex applications, having a wide range of roller conveyors, driven or gravitational, driven, to suit individual customer requirements. The modular design allows for cost-effective unit integration to create highly efficient and adaptable handling systems. They can be installed in a straight or curved line and help to transport products with medium and small size and weight.

Our engineers at Self Trust can tailor any product in our range and research and propose innovative solutions for your applications. We can simulate all components in detail and analyze in detail each process of transportation, transfer, providing a complete analysis for a conveyor or complex system of conveyors.
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