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Modular transport chains for bottling applications

​Fields of use: conveyors for transporting containers (beverages, cosmetics, chemical solutions, dairy products, etc.)

As manufacturers of automated conveyor systems, we want to ensure our customers have access to high quality spare parts. To guarantee the optimal functioning of the delivered equipment, we maintain a buffer stock of spare parts for a period of 4 years from the date of commissioning (PIF). After this period, we put these stocks on sale at competitive prices.

In addition to our core business as manufacturers of automated conveyor systems, we offer our customers a wide range of spare parts, including transmission elements, chains, sprockets, chain guides and tensioners, essential for various industries such as soft drink and alcoholic beverage bottling , the cosmetics and cleaning products industry, and the dairy industry.

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​Products available


  • Reliability: High quality spare parts assured over a long period.

  • Substantial savings: Competitive prices for all products.

  • Technical support: Our expert team is available to provide you with expert technical support.

  • Wide range: We offer a variety of products tailored to the specific needs of your industry.

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​On request, we also provide other types of products. Contact us for assistance!
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