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​Paper and Cardboard

​Specialized solutions for the paper and cardboard industry

We offer a full range of solutions tailored to the paper and board industry, including conveyors, carton forming machines, Teflon belt conveyors and specialized printing conveyors. Whatever your specific requirements or the steps in the production process you want to improve, we have the right solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Our team of experts work closely with customers to understand the specific needs of the paper and board industry and develop customized solutions. From the handling and transport of raw paper and board, to the printing, cutting and packaging processes, we have reliable and efficient solutions that will increase your productivity and help you achieve the highest quality products.

Machine for cardboard format

The machine was designed to be able to form cartons of several sizes, the guides being able to be adjusted according to the specifications of the cartons.

Masina indoit cartoane
Masina indoit cartoane - SELF TRUST
Masina pentru format cartoane. SELF TRUST

Conveyors with Teflon belts

​Teflon tapes are tapes that have a strength structure made of glass fiber reinforcement coated with Teflon. There are various applications but these belts are mainly used for transporting products at high temperatures (up to 3000 Celsius).

The Teflon material has high resistance to extreme temperatures, excellent chemical resistance, dimensional stability under the action of temperature and pressure, minimum friction coefficient, smooth and non-sticky surface.

Conveyors with teflon belts, resistant to an UV lamped used for the drying of the printed
Conveyors with teflon belts, resistant to an UV lamped used for the drying of the printed


​The benefits of using our solutions for the paper and board industry are significant: increasing operational efficiency, reducing production times, minimizing errors, optimizing workflow and ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards.

Discover our varied range of specialized equipment, including conveyors adapted for paper and cardboard handling, precision carton forming machines, conveyors with Teflon belts resistant to high temperatures and conveyors dedicated to the processes of this industry. With our advanced and reliable technologies, you can optimize processes efficiently and with high quality in the paper and board industry.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and how we can develop the right solutions for your processes in the paper and board industry. Our dedicated team will be happy to provide you with our expertise and help you achieve success in this competitive and ever-evolving industry.

​Our engineers at SELF TRUST can adapt any product in our range and can research and propose innovative solutions for your applications. We can simulate in detail all components and analyze in detail each transport, transfer process, providing a complete analysis for a conveyor or a complex conveyor system.
​The solutions are customized according to the specifications of our customers.
For other details or special constructions we are here to help!
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