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Tehnica pentru abatorizare - Procesare Carne

Slaughterhouse technique - Meat processing

Performance and safety in meat transport and processing


Self Trust is your trusted partner in providing effective solutions for the meat industry. From specialized lines for transport and transfer, to conveyors that comply with strict safety standards, we offer a wide range of equipment and industrial supplies adapted to the specific needs of these industries.

Our products are carefully designed and are the result of research and technological innovation, so that they support the production processes and help you obtain high-quality meat that is fresh and safe for consumption. We are aware of the specific requirements of the slaughtering and meat processing industry, and our innovative solutions are designed to support and optimize production processes, including transfer lines and shuttle transport .

Lines for shuttle transport

Chain conveyors for shuttles

This solution is used to transport shuttles from the Shuttle Wash Room to the Work Stations / from the Work Stations, full shuttles are taken to the Weighing / Unloading Area and from the Loading / Unloading Area to the Shuttle Washing Room.

The main advantages of this line are:

  • designed for long distances (6-100 meters);

  • composed of straight modular segments (6 m long) and curves at an angle of 90 degrees;

  • low weight;

  • high load potential (10 full shuttles on a 6 m segment);

  • very reliable, thanks to plastic FlexLink transport chains, built according to HACCP standards for food safety;

  • minimal purchase and maintenance costs.


It can be designed to be mounted at considerable heights, either inside halls or outside on suitably covered metal structures.

The line can be configured so that the shuttles are picked up automatically, raised to a convenient height so as not to obstruct other existing flows (staff flow), carry out intermediate loadings and unloadings using the Shuttle Elevator.

Transport chain transport module SELF TRUST
Shuttle Transport Line - SELF TRUST
Conveyor module for shuttles with conveyor chain - SELF TRUST
Roller conveyor for shuttles - SELF TRUST
Conveior curb cu lant de transport pentru navete Self Trust

Lines of trenching

Conveyor systems and transfer tables for slaughter

  • Slicing tables, made of stainless steel, equipped with height-adjustable anti-vibration legs, high-density white polyamide cutting tops and holders for knives and files;

  • Conveyors for the transport of carcasses to workstations;

  • Conveyors for transporting shuttles to work stations;

Meat processing conveyor system - SELF TRUST
Transport line module for slaughterhouse - roller bed - conveyor with modular belt
Conveyor belt for cutting - conveyor belt for shuttles - Self Trust
Meat processing line - Abattoir conveyor system

Special conveyors for slaughter

Abattoir conveyors

The conveyors produced by SELF TRUST comply with food safety standards, they are made of food-grade stainless steel, elements specific to the food sector (polyurethane / polypropylene conveyor belts, stainless steel / polyacetate / polypropylene conveyor chains, heat-sealable belts, etc.).

Conveyor with modular belt - transport casseroles - Meat processing - SELF TRUST
Curve conveyor with modular band SELF TRUST
Belt conveyor
Conveyor systems - Food Industry - SELF TRUST


Smoking racks

The racks are made of stainless steel, equipped with special polyamide shelves and wheels.

Racks with trays for cold rooms

The racks are made of stainless steel, equipped with shelves for trays and special polyamide wheels. Trays can be perforated for drainage.

Racks for freezing whole turkeys

The supports are made of stainless steel, they are equipped with two fixed wheels and two movable polyamide wheels with brakes.

The dimensions and features of the standard model can be modified according to specific requests.

Stainless steel rake with wheels for smoking SELF TRUST
Stainless steel rake with wheels for smoking SELF TRUST
Rastel with perforated trays for SELF TRUST cold rooms
Stainless steel bird rake with wheels - Self Trust

Work tables for cutting

The tables are made of food-grade stainless steel, with a white high-density polyamide top. They are equipped with special file/knife holders, blood collection troughs, jaws and height adjustable legs.

Stainless steel work table with adjustable legs - SELF TRUST
Slaughter table with polyamide top and holder for knife and file Self Trust

Commuter trolleys

Trolleys can be single or double, equipped with 4 or 6 wheels (2 fixed wheels - 2 mobile wheels or 6 fixed wheels), with or without a handle. The wheels used are made of white polyamide for interiors (running surfaces made of epoxy resin, sandstone or cement).

Trolley for shutter with fixed wheels - SELF TRUST
Shuttle trolley - with 4 fixed and mobile castors and handle - SELF TRUST
Trolley for shuttles with 4 fixed and mobile SELF TRUST wheels

Boiling / lifting baskets for meat

Boiling trolley - product for Vascar - SELF TRUST
Boiler trolley - product for Vascar - SELF TRUST

Conveyor belts for any type of product


The slaughtering and meat processing industry is highly competitive and constantly evolving. SELF TRUST is the leader in providing complete and effective solutions for this industry. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying custom conveyors and conveyor systems, meat lines, transfer table conveyors and more.

Our team of experts work closely with customers to understand the specific requirements of the slaughterhouse and meat processing industry, providing tailored and customized solutions. Our high-quality products, built with durable materials, ensure durability and reliability in production processes.

Whether you are a small-scale meat processing facility or a large-scale slaughterhouse, our complete solutions help you improve efficiency, ensure quality and optimize your production processes.

We focus on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Contact us to learn more about how we can contribute to your success in this industry.

The solutions are customized according to the specifications of our customers.
For other details or special constructions we are here to help you!
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