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Platforme hidraulice de ridicare

 Hydraulic Lifting Table 

  • Robust structure made of profiles and profiled sheets painted in electrostatic field

  • Uniform load distribution

  • Bearings without maintenance for long use

  • Standard electrical connection 400 V / 50Hz with a control voltage of 24 V

  • Compliance with EN1570 safety standards

  • Protection class IP54: providing resistance to dust and water

  • Distinctive design, improving visibility and safety in the workspace

  • Comes with operating instructions and an EC declaration of conformity.


* the price does not include the transport of the platform to the customer!

Platforme hidraulice ridicare - SELF TRUST - Livrare rapida
Platforme hidraulice ridicare - SELF TRUST - Plaforme de ridicare de la 1.500
Platforme hidraulice ridicare - SELF TRUST - SARCINI PANA LA 4.000 KILOGRAME
Platforme hidraulice de ridicare SELF TRUST

Simple platforms

Double platforms

"Low Profile" platforms

The solutions are customized according to the specifications of our customers.
For other details or special constructions we are here to help you!
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