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​Teflon and Polyamide parts

We offer a wide range of Teflon and Polyamide parts suitable for each individual application.

Teflon parts, including films, cords, tubes, plates and bars, provide strength and performance in varied environments, being essential in many industrial applications.

Polyamide parts, whether extruded, cast, in bar or plate form, are recognized for their strength and versatility in various industries. We offer durable and reliable solutions designed to support the optimal operation of your equipment.

Whatever your needs, Teflon and Polyamide parts are designed to provide performance and durability in a variety of environments and applications. Discover our complete range to find the perfect technical parts for your projects.

We are here to help you make the right choice. Our team of experts is ready to give you personalized advice and support!

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​Teflon parts (Polytetrafluoroethylene)

​Main characteristics of TEFLON products:

  • Exceptional thermal adaptability, allowing use in a wide range of temperatures between -200°C and +250°C;

  • Increased chemical resistance to most corrosive substances, except molten alkali metals and some fluorinated compounds at high temperatures;

  • Low coefficient of friction, facilitating the fluid operation of the components;

  • Outstanding dielectric properties, between 40-60KV/mm;

  • Exceptional non-adherence without special surface preparation;

  • Due to its chemical inertness and thermal stability, it is successfully used both in the medical field and in contact with food products;

  • The possibility of being additive with various components, such as glass, ceramic, carbon/graphite, bronze, salts and metal oxides, to improve in optimal proportions the characteristics, such as wear resistance, hardness, coefficient of expansion, compressive strength, electrical and thermal conduction.

​Polyamide (PA) parts

Main characteristics of POLYAMIDE products:

  • Mechanical strength, rigidity and hardness guaranteed;

  • Good wear resistance, ensuring long-term durability; 

  • Good dielectric, ideal for electrical applications;

  • Good sliding properties, facilitating use in various applications;

  • Good resistance to gamma radiation and X ray radiation, providing reliability in specific environments;

  • Good fatigue resistance, ensuring durability under extended use conditions;

  • Good mechanical damping properties, ensuring optimum shock absorption.

Uses: toothed wheels, bearings, cams, guides, cartwheels, etc.


ERTALON and NYLATRON polyamides are essential in a variety of industrial applications, being used both for the creation of new components and for the replacement of used parts.

These materials are found in a wide range of industrial parts and components, including sliding bearings, wear plates, guide and support wheels, conveyor rollers, stretch rollers, etc, wheel and roller sleeves, pulleys, cams, scrapers, laced wheels, gaskets and more.

​With the highest quality polyamide and teflon parts, we are here to meet your specific requirements.

We have a diverse range of polyamide and teflon parts designed to cover the varied needs of your industrial applications. We are committed to providing exactly what is essential to ensure the optimal performance of your equipment. Our versatile and adaptable offer places us in the position of a reliable partner for all needs related to polyamide and Teflon plates. We offer customized solutions, perfectly adapted to support and improve the functionality and efficiency of your industrial equipment.

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