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Conveioare pentru industria alimentara

​Conveyors for food industry

​Conveyors for the food industry constructed from stainless steel are specialized and reliable solutions for handling and transporting food products in production and processing environments. They are designed and built to strict FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards, ensuring safety and hygiene in the food industry.


Stainless steel conveyors are known for their durability, corrosion resistance and ability to withstand rigorous sanitary conditions.


​Conveyors are customized according to our customers' specifications.
For other details or special constructions we are here to help!
​Benefits and features
  • Compliance with FDA norms: Stainless steel conveyors are designed and built to comply with FDA regulations and standards regarding food safety and hygiene. They ensure that food is transported in clean and safe conditions, minimizing the risk of contamination and meeting strict hygiene requirements.

  • Durability and corrosion resistance: Stainless steel is a recognized material for its corrosion resistance and the action of aggressive chemicals. Stainless steel conveyors are able to withstand wet environments, frequent cleaning and disinfection processes and other harsh conditions in the food industry, providing long-lasting durability and reducing the need for constant equipment replacement.

  • Hygiene and ease of cleaning: Stainless steel conveyors are designed with smooth and crack-free surfaces that are easy to clean and disinfect. It facilitates regular maintenance and maintaining a hygienic environment in the food production process.

  • Flexibility and adaptability: Stainless steel conveyors can be adapted to suit the specific needs and requirements of the food industry. They can be configured in different sizes and shapes, depending on the space available and the transport and handling requirements of the food.

  • Integration with other equipment: Conveyors for the food industry can be integrated with other food production equipment and systems, such as packaging lines, labeling machines or sorting machines.

Other details

Specific applications in the food industry:

Stainless steel conveyors for the food industry are used in a variety of applications and processes, ensuring efficient transportation and handling of food products. These include:

  • Food processing: Conveyors are used in various stages of the food production process, including feeding raw materials, transporting finished or semi-finished products and directing them to processing or packaging equipment.

  • Cooling and freezing: Stainless steel spiral conveyors are ideal for cooling and freezing food products in a continuous flow. They ensure uniform and rapid cooling of products, maintaining food quality and safety.

  • Sterilization and pasteurization: Stainless steel conveyors can be used in sterilization and pasteurization processes, ensuring the elimination of bacteria and other pathogens. This is particularly important in the milk, juice and other contamination-sensitive products industry.

  • Sorting and packaging: Conveyors can be integrated with automated sorting and packaging systems, ensuring the efficient transfer of food products to the appropriate equipment. This optimizes the process of packaging and preparing products for distribution.


Investing in stainless steel food industry conveyors brings many competitive advantages, including:

  • Food Safety: Compliant with FDA regulations and constructed of stainless steel, these conveyors ensure food safety and quality, helping to build consumer confidence and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

  • Operational efficiency: The use of automatic conveyors adapted to the food industry reduces the time and effort required to handle and transport products manually. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity, with a positive impact on operational costs.

  • Durability and strength: Stainless steel conveyors are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion. They withstand rigorous working conditions and require less maintenance and replacement than other types of conveyors.

Our engineers at Self Trust can adapt any product in our range and research and propose innovative solutions for your applications. We can simulate in detail all components and analyze in detail each transport, transfer process, providing a complete analysis for a conveyor or a complex conveyor system.
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