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Presa imbinare benzi - 3.000 mm latime

Joint services
​conveyor belts
and wide belts

20 years of experience in the production of conveyor belts

2 tape production workshops
• large number of presses
• vulcanization capacity: 100 mm to 3000 mm

2 mobile belts vulcanization teams at the customer's premises

Large quantities of conveyor belts

Fast fulfillment of orders
Conveyor belt joints services - national coverage - SELF TRUST
National coverage
Iasi + Workshop + Mobile team
Bucharest + Workshop + Mobile team

The technical team of the SELF TRUST production workshop has a high level of specialization, benefiting from both the company's experience of over 20 years in the field of conveyor belt production and the experience of belt conveyor manufacturer.


We have workshops where wide belts (with a maximum width of 200 mm) and conveyor belts (with a maximum width of 3,050 mm) can be made together by different techniques:


Belt joint: mechanical - with clips, zipper, hinges;

Belt joint: thermal – in conditions of high temperature and pressure - Habasit technology.

Belt joint: mixed - mechanical and vulcanized

Presa imbinare benzi - 3.000 mm latime
Imbinare mecanica balamale - banda cauciuc - Self Trust
Utilaj benzi transportoare - presa pentru vulcanizarea benzilor - SELF TRUST

Conveyor belt machines

  • 9 presses for the vulcanization of belts or for workshop production , with joint lengths between 100 mm and 3,000 mm.

  • Machines for the automatic vulcanization of accessories specific to conveyor belts: sidewall (mobile side walls), trapezoidal guides.

  • Machines for the preparation of the joint before vulcanization for the execution of several types of joints: simple finger, finger over finger, step overlap straight.

  • Machines for making tapes with mixed joints : mechanical and vulcanized; process consisting of splitting the material, fixing the zipper, vulcanizing the zipper resistance element on the two ends of the tape.

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