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Conveior cu role si lant - transport paleti - SELF TRUST Romania

Chain conveyors

​Chain conveyors are robust and versatile industrial solutions recognized for their outstanding efficiency and reliability. These equipment stand out with features that make them ideal for numerous industrial applications.


​Conveyors are customized according to our customers' specifications.
For other details or special constructions we are here to help!
​Benefits and features
  • ​Durability: Built to last in harsh industrial environments, these conveyors use the highest quality materials and are designed to withstand wear and tear and high demands.

  • Precise Control: Thanks to their chain system, these conveyors provide precise control over the transport of goods, contributing to efficient and accurate distribution of products in the production flow.

  • Ease of Maintenance: Chain conveyors are designed to allow easy access to major components, which facilitates maintenance operations and reduces downtime.

  • Custom Flexibility: These systems can be tailored to the specific needs of your industry and can be configured to perform horizontal or vertical transport, handling of various shaped products and more.

Other details

​Industrial applications

​Chain conveyors are used in a wide range of industries, including:

Logistics Industry: For the handling and transport of boxes and pallets in distribution centers.

Food Industry: Used for transporting food products in hygienic and controlled environments.

Automotive Industry: Ideal for assembling vehicles and transporting heavy components.

Wood Industry: Used in wood processing for its handling and cutting.

​These chain conveyors are versatile and powerful solutions for industrial operations. Contact us today to discover how we can improve efficiency and productivity in your industry.
​Our engineers at Self Trust can adapt any product in our range and can research and propose innovative solutions for your applications. We can simulate in detail all components and analyze in detail each transport, transfer process, providing a complete analysis for a conveyor or a complex conveyor system.
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