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Airport industry
Baggage Handling Systems

Quality is carrying
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As an airport conveyor manufacturer with 20 years of experience, CITCOnveyors is known for implementing several projects around the world. Quality and promptness are the defining goals of this company, which is also reflected in the success of its customers.


CITCOnveyors, SELF TRUST Romania division, The Romanian Conveyor Factory, addresses the international market.

Our product range ensures that whatever the type of project, CITCOnveyors as an airport conveyor manufacturer can deliver the complete package:

Check-in conveyors: loading docks and certified displays (CE,OIML,EAC);

Check-in desk;

Baggage Handling Systems;

Luggage carts;

Vertical conveyors and elevators for luggage;

Weighing and labeling conveyors;

Baggage collection conveyors;

Diverter (horizontal and vertical);

Return Tray Systems;

Baggage Runway Conveyors;

Other conveyors (customized);

Spiral Chutes for luggage;

Passport control cabins;

​For more details about the products made in the SELF TRUST factory for the airport industry, you can access our dedicated website:


- simple desks;

- double desks;

- Integrated weighing conveyor control console (with buttons: start, stop, forward, emergency stop);

- Integrated display for passengers;

- Integrated operator display;

- Ergonomic design for passenger and operator;

- Small passenger side shelf (for small bags, documents, etc.);

- Small independent cabinet for computer and/or other auxiliary equipment;

- Cabinet with lock for equipment or documents.

Check in Solutions - Check in Desk and Conveyor - Aeroport Baneasa - SELF TRUST Romania
Check-in Desks - Check-in Conveyors - Airport Conveyors - SELF TRUST Romania

CHECK-IN Conveyors

- Simple units;

- Double units (side by side);

- Adjustable configuration: Weighing + (label) + induction system;

- Modular construction;

- Single, double or triple step available in both single and double (side by side) units;

- The control console can be integrated into the side of the conveyor or the Check-in Desks;

- Low entrance height (310 mm);

- Width from 500 mm to 1,000 mm;

- Equipped with sensors to control the positioning of luggage on each conveyor;

- Easy maintenance.

Check-in Desks - Check-in Conveyors - Airport Conveyors - SELF TRUST Romania
Check-in Desks - Check-in Conveyors - Airport Conveyors - SELF TRUST Romania


Friction Drive or Caterpillar Drive

- Low noise;

- Adjustable speed;

- High transport capacity;

- Available in different configurations: O, U, P, T shapes;

- Strong structure; - Almost zero maintenance;

- Stainless steel finish;

- Flame-retardant and friction-resistant boards;

- Length up to 100 linear meters;

- Load of up to 100 kilograms per linear meter;

- Active width 940 mm;

- Height at the level of the plates: 400 mm.

Baggage Reclaim Carousel - SELF TRUST
Baggage Reclaim Carousel - SELF TRUST Romania

Baggage Handling Systems

- Integrated control and automation;

- BHS designed with redundancy and safety options in mind;

- Integration with a wide variety of scanning devices.

- Straight horizontal;

- Straight inclined;

- Actuated curved at 30°, 45° or 90°;

- Horizontal and vertical diversions;

- Vertical luggage conveyors and elevators;

- Injectors with an angle of 30°, 45° degrees; - Carousels;

- Gravity or motorized roller conveyors.


- Fully automated;

- Zero gap transfer;

- Available with 30°, 60° or 90° exit.

Baggage Hanlding System - Conveioare aeroport - SELF TRUST Romania
Baggage DIverter - BHS - SELF TRUST Romania

​Control cabin

​- Visible structure made of stainless steel profiles;

- The bottom of the cabin is made of wooden material covered with special plastic material for high traffic, gray color that also covers the electrical cables;

- For access to the cabin, a door made of wood and with duplex safety glass with a thickness of 8 mm is mounted;

- The side window is made of duplex safety glass, sandblasted with horizontal stripes;

- The front face of the wall is covered with stainless steel, with Corian and composite material;

- The cabin is equipped with a front shelf;

- The interior furniture is made of gray wood and the top is provided with composite material (CORIAN).

Passport Control Cabin - Immigration Counters - Customs Cabin for airports -  SELF TRUST
Passport Control Cabin - Immigration Counters - Customs Cabin for airports -  SELF TRUST

Return Tray Ststems

- Modular design;

- Low noise;

- High transport capacity;

- Available in a wide variety of sizes;

- Low power consumption;

- Very easy to use, no training required;

- Available in different lengths;

- Allows accumulation;

- Step-by-step operation (when a tray is lifted from the end of the RTS, the others behind advance to the end of the system).

Return Tray System - Airport Tray System - CITCOnveyors - SELF TRUST
Return Tray System - Airport Tray System - CITCOnveyors -  SELF TRUST


- Conveyors on the luggage runway;

- Gravity roller conveyors;

- Conveyors with motorized rollers;

- Curved conveyors;

- Merge unit

- curved connection (MDB - 30°, 45° curve);

Roller Conveyors - Security Airport - - CITCOnveyors
Conveioare industria aeroportuara - SELF TRUST

Spiral Chutes

- Zero maintenance;

- Designed to carry almost anything;

- Can be integrated with any system;

- Fast, safe and cost-effective;

- Reduced acquisition costs;

- Fast and simple installation;

- Customized inlet and outlet gutters;

- No moving parts and no spare and wear parts;

- Durable bolt-on construction;

- Built for a smooth and even flow;

- Can be customized according to requirements.

Spiral Gravity Chutes - CITCOnveyors
Spiral Gravity Chute Conveyor - Gravity Chutes - Metal Chutes - CITCOnveyors

​The airport industry is in continuous evolution and competitiveness. At SELF TRUST, we are proud to be trusted manufacturers of conveyor systems and specialist equipment such as baggage carts, check-in desks and conveyors, BHS and more. Our dedicated team of professionals work closely with clients to understand specific needs and provide customized solutions tailored to specific industry requirements and processes.

We offer you high quality, durable and reliable products built with durable materials. Whether you need conveyor systems for efficient baggage transport, conveyor belts for efficient workflow management or other specialized equipment, we have complete solutions to meet your requirements. Whether you operate a small or a large airport, you can rely on our products to improve efficiency, ensure quality and optimize work processes.

We focus on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Our team of specialists will always be ready to advise and assist you in choosing the most suitable solutions for your specific needs. We understand the importance of equipment functionality and performance in the airport industry and are dedicated to providing you with high quality solutions tailored to the unique requirements and challenges you face.

​Our engineers at SELF TRUST can adapt any product in our range and can research and propose innovative solutions for your applications. We can simulate in detail all components and analyze in detail each transport, transfer process, providing a complete analysis for a conveyor or a complex conveyor system.

The Romanian Conveyor Factory


division of SELF TRUST Romania
​The solutions are customized according to the specifications of our customers.
For other details or special constructions we are here to help!
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