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Roboti industriali - SELF TRUST Romania

​Integration of Industrial Robots

​Specializing in the integration of industrial robots and industrial automation, Self Trust can help you choose and implement the desired robotic solution, offering a wide range of industrial robots to automate the production process, increasing productivity and safety of the work environment, significantly reducing long-term costs long.

Industrial robots represent an investment that ensures the continuity, quality and quantity of production, and helps you reach the desired target, being the optimal solution for carrying out the activity in a competitive environment.

As efficient solutions in key processes such as product handling, palletizing and packaging, Self Trust distributes industrial robots for your desired applications and offers industrial automation services.


  • Electric arc welding

  • Manipulation

  • Palletizing packaging

  • Measuring

  • Upload download

  • Handling / Deburring / Cleaning

  • Spot welding

  • Picking

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