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CITCOnveyors division

CITCOnveyors division


CITCOnveyors, SELF TRUST Romania division, The Romanian Conveyor Factory, addresses the international market.


As an airport conveyor manufacturer with 20 years of experience, CITCOnveyors is known for implementing several projects around the world. Quality and promptness are the defining objectives of this company, which is also reflected in the success of its customers.


Among the values of the company are competitiveness, flexibility, reliability and customer orientation, as all efforts are made to provide the best solution that suits the customer



Our product range ensures that, regardless of the type of project, CITCOnveyors as an airport conveyor manufacturer can deliver the complete package:


• Check-in: with load cells and certified displays (CE, OIML, EAC); & & Check-in;

• (Baggage Handling Systems) Baggage Handling Systems; 'Luggage carts;

• Vertical transporters and luggage lifts;

• Weighing and labeling transporter;

• luggage collection tanks;

• (horizontal and vertical);

• tour Tray Systems;

• The Bungage Runway Conveyors;

• (customized);

• metal spirals for luggage;

• passport control cabins.

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