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Vulcanizare si Service benzi transportoare la client - SELF TRUST Romania

Vulcanization & Service for Conveyor Belts

​20 years of experience in the production of conveyor belts
2 tape production workshops
• large number of presses
• vulcanization capacity: 100 mm to 3000 mm
2 mobile tape vulcanization teams at the customer's premises
Large quantities of conveyor belts
Fast fulfillment of orders
National coverage of conveyor belts workshop - SELF TRUST
National coverage
Iasi + Workshop + Mobile team
Bucharest + Workshop + Mobile team

In addition to the production of conveyor belts in its own workshop, SELF TRUST aims to offer a full range of services specific to conveyor belts:


  • on-site vulcanization of new conveyor belts (purchased from Self Trust or other sources)

  • repair or reuse by resizing used tapes (purchased from Self Trust or other sources)

  • lifetime assessment for conveyor belts in customer use in order to optimize spare parts stocks

  • preventive maintenance services for conveyor belts in use

  • training customer maintenance staff to extend belt life

  • expert advice on choosing the optimal tape type for specific applications

  • extended warranty for tapes purchased from Self Trust

  • post-warranty at reduced costs

Utilaje benzi transportoare - presa pentru vulcanizarea benzilor - SELF TRUST

Conveyor belt machines

  • ​9 presses for vulcanizing conveyor belts or for workshop production, with splice lengths between 100 mm and 3,000 mm.

  • Machines for the automatic vulcanization of accessories specific to conveyor belts: sidewall (mobile side walls), trapezoidal guides.

  • Machines for the preparation of the joint before vulcanization for the execution of several types of joints: simple finger, finger over finger, step overlap straight.

  • Machines for making belts with mixed joint: mechanical and vulcanized; process consisting of splitting the material, fixing the zipper, vulcanizing the zipper resistance element on the two ends of the tape.

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