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Conveioare cu banda transport paleti - Logistica - SELF TRUST Romania

Wide range of Conveyors
Conveyor Systems and

​We offer a wide range of conveyors and equipment that can be adapted to your specific needs and requirements.

​We specialize in the production of a wide range of conveyors, from those with rollers and belts, to sorting or transfer equipment. Each type of conveyor is built to ensure a safe and efficient transport of your products. Discover now all the types of conveyors we offer and choose the most suitable system for your business.

​Our conveyors are ideal for a variety of applications, from the transport of packages and boxes, to the transport of heavy objects or objects sensitive to shocks and vibrations. Each conveyor is built to be easy to install and maintain, with an ergonomic and intuitive design, so that you can save time and resources during use.

​Designed and built

  • designed and built according to the specific requirements of the customer
  • customised solution for your freight transport and handling needs
  • the best quality materials
  • long lifetime
  • excellent performance during use

​Leader on the market of conveyors and conveyor systems in Romania

We are recognized for the implementation of numerous projects for some of the most recognized companies in Romania, covering a wide range of fields. Whether it's a simple conveyor or complex lines integrated into a workflow, our team's specialists will provide you with complete solutions to streamline your project.

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SELF TRUST - 350 kilometers of conveyors


​Km of conveyors
SELF TRUST - Conveioare livrate


​Conveyors delivered
SELF TRUST - The most modern conveyor factory in Romania
The most modern factory
of conveyors from Romania

​All products

​The solutions are customized according to the specifications of our customers.
For other details or special constructions we are here to help!
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