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Divertere sortare colete - Sistem sortare colete

Diverters - Sorting systems

Enjoy advanced sorting technology with HPD Diverters - Sorting Systems powered by SELF TRUST. Specially designed to deliver accurate and efficient 3-way sorting at an angle of 30°, these High Performance Divert solutions are the pinnacle of our innovation.


  1. Exceptional sorting: HPD diverters ensure fast and accurate sorting of materials in three directions, optimizing handling and distribution processes.

  2. Performance: With innovative design and solid construction, these sorting systems represent the latest technology for efficiency and performance.

  3. Flexibility and Adaptability: HPD diverters are designed to seamlessly integrate into various production lines and conveyor systems, providing maximum configuration flexibility and adaptability to your unique business requirements.

  4. Reliability built from the ground up: Manufactured with attention to detail and subjected to rigorous testing, these sorting systems are designed to provide increased reliability.

Sistem sortare colete - Diverter
Sistem de conveioare cu role si banda - Parcel Industry - Conveioare sortare - SELF TRUST
Sistem sortare colete - Diverter - Conveioare Parcel Postal - SELF TRUST Romania
Fan Courier - SELF TRUST Romania
Our engineers at SELF TRUST can adapt any product in our range and can research and propose innovative solutions for your applications. We can simulate in detail all components and analyze in detail each transport, transfer process, providing a complete analysis for a complex equipment or conveyor system.
Solutions are customized according to our customers' specifications.
For other details or special constructions we are here to help!
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