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Wide belts for various industries

​Discover a wide range of wide belts, made to order in our specialized workshop. Each strap is made from high quality materials including polyamide, rubber, polyester and leather.

On order, we can also supply circular woven belts that are used in applications that require high speeds under increased safety conditions. Thus, we ensure reliable solutions for industrial environments that require performance and safety under intense working conditions.


Our specialist belt manufacturing team is ready to provide advice and tailor-made solutions, ensuring that each belt fits your exact needs. Each product is made to high quality standards, guaranteeing strength, durability and optimal performance in various industrial applications.

Curele late - Curele la comanda SELF TRUST
Curele late - Curele la comanda SELF TRUST

Variety of durable materials

​In recent years, transmission belts have seen a significant evolution, so that they can satisfy multiple demands in all fields of activity.


They are made of materials resistant to friction, high temperatures, oils and dust. Belts are ideal for a wide range of applications including roller drive, tangential drive and cross mode power transmission.

Customized solutions

Wide belts, customized to order, are adapted for a diverse range of industries and specialized applications. They are created to meet the distinct requirements of different industrial sectors, ensuring optimal operation of equipment and machinery in varied working environments. Main applications include:

Printing and carton packaging industry: Belts provide reliable and durable solutions to keep equipment in constant motion within the printing and packaging production process.

Automotive: Wide belts play a crucial role in the transmission of power and motion in the automotive industry, supporting heavy loads and maintaining optimal performance of handling equipment.

Food industry: Made of safe and hygienic materials, the belts ensure the transport and handling of food products in optimal safety conditions.

Textile industry: Essential to sewing machines and other equipment in the textile industry, belts contribute effectively to the production of quality textiles.

Wood industry: Wide belts are specially designed to cope with the difficult tasks of the woodworking industry, ensuring the transmission of power and movement required by the respective equipment.


Other industries: Wide belts are versatile and adaptable solutions for the electronics industry, milling, metalworking and applications that require precise and safe movements.

Conveior hartie si carton - Conveior cu role si benzi - SELF TRUST Romania
Conveior hartie si carton - Conveior cu role si benzi - SELF TRUST Romania

​Bespoke wide belts are tailored for each individual industrial application, offering superior performance, strength and safety.

Our team of specialists is ready to provide you with a free consultation to choose the most suitable belts for your project.

​For other details or special products we are here to help you!
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