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Swan neck conveyor - Fixed angles - Aluminum structure - Product discharge on the side

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Conveyor with aluminum structure

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Swan neck conveyor made of aluminum profiles and provided with a PVC strip.
The support structure is provided with wheels to facilitate moving the conveyor when this is necessary.

The length of the horizontal loading section has a standard length of 600 mm.
The length of the horizontal unloading section has a standard length of 800 mm.
The standard angle between the horizontal and the inclined section is 35°.

The belt conveyor is provided at the unloading end with a fixed diverter for lateral evacuation of the transported products.

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Self Trust Romania offers flexible and future-oriented solutions, from simple conveyors to extremely complex applications.

Each aluminum conveyor has a wide range of modular components that can be assembled using simple tools. Designed for easy integration with other conveyor systems, the aluminum conveyor is easy to assemble and no welding is required.



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