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Gravitational conveyor - Extendable - With discs

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Expandable conveyors

Logistica, Aplicatii generale


Rigid structure.

Zero maintenance.

High reliability.

Silent operation.

Recommended for transport: boxes, shuttles, packaged products.

Equipped with movable wheels (100mm diameter) and height-adjustable legs (Adjustment ranges L1: 450 - 700 mm L2: 650 - 1,100 mm L3: 900 - 1,500 mm)

Widths between 300 and 1,500 mm

Recommended for transporting loads up to 80 kilograms per linear meter (under certain conditions).

The step between the rollers (when the conveyor is extended to the maximum) is 125 mm.

Alte detalii

The structure is fully galvanized.

Several can be connected in series to obtain longer lengths.

Ideal for logistic warehouses and for industrial gravity transport applications.

Optional: hooks for connecting several conveyors in a row / barrier at the end (with roller or plate)

Can be curved to avoid obstacles, walls, etc.



​The solutions are customized according to the specifications of our customers.
For other details or special constructions we are here to help!

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