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Conveyor with metal belt - stainless steel structure

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Conveyors with metal belt

Alimentara, Panificatie, Ciocolaterie si cofetarie, Procesare fructe


Metal belt conveyor with stainless steel structure for the food industry.

The metal belt can have different configurations depending on the applications (sorting, glazing, cooling, boiling, washing, frying, heating, drying, oven feeding, etc.).

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These strips are very easy to sanitize and have an extended lifespan. The movement can be performed in two directions.

Metal belt conveyors are used in all industries, operating under difficult conditions, high speeds and high tension forces.

The advantages of metal belts are:

Even distribution of tension due to special construction;
Easy joining by using special elements;
Easy maintenance and repair;
Use for long transport distances.
Accessories used for metal belts: metal or plastic sprockets, transfer rollers, joint elements for belts, etc.

Conveyors customized to customer specifications. For special applications or constructions please contact us.


Otel Inox

Banda metalica

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