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Mobile conveyor with adjustable unloading height

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Mobile conveyors

Aplicatii generale, Procesare fructe


- length 7,000 (without towing pipe);
- width 2,000 (total width at the towing wheels);
- transport chassis with towing hook;
- PVC belt with 3 layers of insertion, length 14,500, width 400, central guide 17x11, metal scrapers h=50, scraper pitch 500;
- diameter of drive roller and free roller 220 mm;
- metal handrails with a height of 200;
- possibility of adjusting the discharge height 1,500 - 4,500 mm;

Alte detalii

- the adjustment is done manually on the metal hose system;
- indirect drive with 16B-1 chain, 2.2kW motor and BOX110 reducer;
- nominal belt speed = 20 m/min;
- control panel located on the structure, protection factor IP65;
The dimensions and specifications can be modified according to the customer's requirements.


Banda PVC

Reglabil, Mobil, Racleti, Mantinele

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